Ready For Launch

Well Kate and I are finally back together and it’s time to actually do this. There is a heat wave sapping a lot of energy from us but despite that the bike has been made ready with new tires and new rear suspension. We are rounding up supplies and our equipment so we can do … Continue reading Ready For Launch

Spreadsheet Hell

Well folks, this is another week with nothing particularly exciting to talk about, but it’s important work nonetheless. It’s the paperwork side of adventuring.  Spreading out a mapbook and imagining destinations and routes is the kind of paperwork I like, so I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about budgets, insurance, passes, and more budgeting. … Continue reading Spreadsheet Hell

Photos From the Road

Like you, most of the photos we take just end up taking space on our phones until we get sick of them and delete 100 or so at once. The ones we do use almost always end up on Instagram. That makes sense: Instagram is designed specifically to share photos with little effort. However, Instagram … Continue reading Photos From the Road