Proud As Punch

Have to take a quick moment to embarrass Kate, who doesn’t seem to realize how huge it is to earn an undergraduate degree with a 4.0. This gal is one of the good ones, and I’m proud as punch to have ridden along on her journey. Now to celebrate by taking an epic sidecar sojourn … Continue reading Proud As Punch

Mayday, Mayday

Don’t worry, I’m not crashing out of the sky, I just don’t have any interest in making up a fancy title. I’ve made myself the promise of doing a weekly update here in order to be used to it when we finally get on the road, but I also don’t want to send out weekly … Continue reading Mayday, Mayday

Marking Time

Read that title closely. It doesn’t say “making” time, it says “marking.” In the military there is a drill movement called “mark time,” which is really just a precise way of walking in place. Movement without going anywhere. Most of the world is marking time right now due to shelter-in-place orders putting many people at … Continue reading Marking Time